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Multi-instrumentalist, live-looper, jazz funk bassist Dr Jonny Funk makes the four-string sing, he elevates the humble rhythm instruments to levels of melody and showmanship that are commonly associated with the lead guitar.  Slapping, popping, strumming, riffing with his own unique signature sound as he elevates the humble rhythm instrument to levels of melody and great showmanship that are commonly associated with the lead guitar.


YouTube sensation Jonny Rubin known as Dr Funk with 10 million-plus views, started as a busker in Newquay, Cornwall UK, he has a large presence of loyal fans and followers worldwide and continues to busker master his craft and stay in touch with his fans and audiences of all sizes      

Dr Funk is releasing a new debut studio album by the end of 2021, with massively talented musicians and all original songs that Jonny composed and produced himself.  


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Dr Funk – Super Sexy Bass Sounds (

YouTube: Dr Funk - YouTube

INSTAGRAM: Jonny Rubin (@drfunkbass) • Instagram photos and videos


Toronto International Dance Festival 2021

August  21, 2021 @ 3:00 PM - 9:00PM EST  

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival is a multi-cultural celebration of culture and diversity through the art of dance. Started by the Canada International Dance Culture Association in 2014 in the heart of Toronto, it serves as a medium to promote, develop and exchange knowledge between all people of all backgrounds. More importantly, it is an opportunity for children to express themselves while learning to be a part of this growing family that enriches us all. This is an inviting and welcoming environment, and our participants range anywhere from local groups to international participants from other countries! 

We encourage friends from all age groups and backgrounds to join this multi-genre dance fest where the competition comes second and the fun comes first!

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